First Seal

There is a Scroll with Seven Seals, first one’s about to break
Rider on a White Horse, your soul he wants to take

Whole world follows him, why oh why is this?
He does signs and lying wonders, to lead your soul amiss

Who is this you ask in awe, his power you can’t deny
Take a closer look, he is blind in his right eye

Bow down and worship him, if you don’t he’ll have your head
The hows and whys are in a Book, a Book you should have read

A secret’s in this Book, the secret of his name
Calculate his number, while he sets the world aflame

Twenty’s only one score, multiplied by three
Add six hundred more, you just might find the key

One more six to add, triple digits do you appear
Take this Mark and burn in Hell, heed this with great fear


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