Remember Psalm 83 !!!

In days gone by long long ago, God Almighty chose a man
From Ur of the Chaldees, He named him Abraham

He had a son named Isaac, Rebecca was his wife
With his brother Ishmael…was the start of all the strife

Isaac’s son was Jacob, he grabbed his brother’s heel
But Esau sold his birthright…continued the ordeal

Jacob had twelve sons, Joseph was his joy
Off he went to Egypt, by his brothers ploy

Days and days and years and years, centuries go by
“Bless me Father, bless me”, you can still hear Esau’s cry

“Esau have I hated, but Jacob I do love”
The strife will not be over, ‘till God solves it from above

God Almighty has been patient, but His patients will soon end
Two Anointed Ones in sackcloth, He’s about to send

They’ll be on the Temple Mount, they will preach a message dire
Do not aggravate them, on you they will breathe fire

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