The City on Seven Hills

What does “Letteth” mean? Old English to restrain
To hold back a plan, a plane of death and bane

Who’s plan does “he” [1] hold back? The one who now restrains
From the cradle to the grave, to keep the world in chains

Its High Priest wears the Triple Crown [2], the hat of Dagon too
Has a golden chalice, robes of scarlet and of blue

A pantheon of “saints”, will answer all your prayers
It will pay you off…to cover up affairs

There was a time in history, called the Ages Dark
It would burn you at the stake, if to it you did not hark

Its symbol is the shinning sun, called a monstrance
Helios, Apollo…or some such resemblance

Seven Years it’s going to take, to make this sewage gone
The Lake of Fire awaits…The Whore of Babylon

[1] 2nd Thess 2:7
[2] Tiara


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