Soooo Lovey-Dovey !!!

My favorite verse of scripture [1], is from the Book that’s last
It’s about the Wrath of God, poured out on you en masse

Chapter number fourteen, verses nine and ten
As I watch you burn, I will shout AMEN

You’ll fulfill another verse, from the Sermon on the Mount
Mathew five verse five, God will settle His account

How many lovey-dovey “Christians” will there be that take the Mark?
All the non-Elect, to “The Way” you did not hark [2]

I will watch you burn…watch you fricassee and fry
After you’re well done, I will watch you die

Then you’ll be sent to Hell, then the Lake of Fire
Forever there you’ll burn, YOUR jESUS was a liar [3]

[1] And – Psalm 139:21
[2] Rev 13:8
[3] “Another jESUS”


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