Lovey-Dovey Lovey-Dovey Lovey-Dovey

Almost time almost time, for your stupid ass to burn
Did you study study study? [1] The “gospel” did you learn?

What “gospel” did you learn? The one from lovey-dovey John? [2]
Thought you’d fly away? Thought that you’d be gone? [3]

Perhaps the Gospel Paul did preach? In Corinthians the first [4]
If you believe “another gospel”, from God you are accursed [5]

Paul preached the Gospel, of the Grace of God [4]
Can you site “The Scriptures”? If you can’t then you’re a fraud

Do you have a Bible? Or some diarrhea on a page? [6]
Preacher said it didn’t matter, and he’s a bible sage

Are you a Goody Two Shoes Christian? That doesn’t know Jack Shit!
GOYIM…that’s a word that sure does fit

Did you admit that you’re a sinner? Did you say the sinner’s prayer?
When you’re in the Lake of Fire, of Hope you will despair

Faith faith faith it’s all by faith, yes this definitely is true
Who’s FAITH [6] you stupid shit? Your dumb ass doesn’t have a clue

Are you a “Holy” Doctor? And a Reverend to boot?
Excuse me Rev. ThD…to Hell you are en route

Hey Rev. Dr. ThD – Did you read the Book of John?
Unless you have THE UNCTION [7], you are Satin’s pawn

Religious Shit! Religious Shit! This is “the church” today
The Elect! If this is you…then you’d better pray!

Is my lovey-dovey poem, a red hot poker up your ass?
You might be in Hell, before today will pass

[1] 2nd Tim 2:15
[2] John 3:16
[3] 1st Cor 15:51&52
[4] 1st Cor 15:1~4
[5] Gal 1:8&9
[6] EVERY SINGLE PLACE in the KJV it says “faith OF” is corrupted to “faint IN” in the NIV. You say you don’t understand. I KNOW you don’t understand, and I know WHY – Dan 12:10
[7] 1st John 2:20


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