Here is What You Are Going to Be. Why? WW3!

Read the Prophet Jeremiah, read his Book and quake
Read about your Doom, your whole soul is going to ache

Don’t worry ‘bout no funeral, you’ll be SHIT upon the ground
Does the Prophet Jeremiah, Does he confound you or astound?

The verse that’s number two, of the chapter that is eight
Did you ever ever read this? Did you ever contemplate?

Contemplate your destiny, like Jeremiah said
You’ll be SHIT upon the ground! You’ll die and you’ll be dead

Then there’s chapter nine, the verse is twenty-two
More SHIT upon the ground! Bid this world adieu

Three times SHIT and SHIT times three, read the verse that’s number four
Of chapter six plus ten…you’re a causality of war

Of course you’re SHIT already! A great big steaming pile
Guess what you’re going to cool off, in just a little while

SHIT thou art, SHIT Thou art, and unto SHIT thou shalt return
Why oh why is this?? SHIT will NEVER learn


Did any of you “Poets” check the verses? HELL NO!
If you do, use a KJV ONLY

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