Angel #4

Hello! Hello! I’m angel four, I have something just for you
I have this Golden Vial, you’ll receive what’s due

I’ll pour it on the sun, so get some sun-block quick
Better yet asbestos…fire your ass will lick

Hey I’m just an angel, I’m angel number four
Six brothers do I have, they will pour on you lots more

And don’t forget the Trumpets, Seven of them too
Then the Lake of Fire, for you and your whole crew

Go read the Book of Revelation, chapter 16, verse 8

The sun is acting strange, does anyone know why?
Ask angel number four, his answer does not lie

Angle number four, has a Golden Vial
He pours it on the sun, he’ll be here in just awhile

With great and searing heat, your ass will burn to Hell
Blaspheme the Name of God, His glory you’ll not tell

Don’t bother to repent, for you it’s too damn late
Two Witnesses declare, you will meet your fate


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