You Were Warned

A warning has been issued, a warning dire and clear
The breaking of the First Seal, is oh so very near [1]

Ten plus two times twelve, times one thousand more
Souls will soon be sealed, protected from the Whore [2]

The rider on the white horse, on this world he will now prey
“He who now letteth” has been taken from the way [3]

They’re Elect of God, chosen long ago
For the Wicked, for the Wicked, sorrow pain and woe

Seven Seals will now be broken, by the Lamb with seven horns
This is the Lamb this is the Lamb, the Lamb this world scorns

Seven Trumpets soon to sound, you cannot stop your ears
Listen! Listen! Then cry woe and pain and tears

Seven Vials of Wrath, poured from Vials of Gold
From the Book of Revelation, this all has been foretold

You were warned! You were warned! Did you heed one damn bit?
Forever you will burn, FOREVER in the Pit

[1] Rev 6:2
[2] of Babylon (headquartered in Rome)
[3] 2nd Thess 2:7


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