Site the Chapters & Verses – 1st Cor 15:3&4

The Apostle Paul, pronounced a bitter curse [1]
If you preach Paul’s Gospel, then site the chapters and the verse

His Gospel he wrote down, and sent it to a Church [2]
To the Church that was in Corinth, “the scriptures” they did search

An example they did have, from Berea did this come
They searched the scriptures daily, to Paul’s curse they’d not succumb [3]

“According to the scriptures” is the BEDROCK preached by Paul
The chapters and the verses, learn them learn them ALL

To preach “another gospel”, upon you Paul’s curse will be
You will burn in Hell, Paul’s TRUTH you did not see

Salvation is of God, take heed to what Paul wrote [4]
Know the chapters and the verses, be able of them quote

This is the litmus test, between the damned and saved
To know not these Holy Scriptures, means you are depraved [5]

The depraved will burn in Hell, Paul’s curse will be fulfilled
According to the Scriptures, with death you will be killed [6]

[1] Gal 1:8
[2] 1st Cor 15:1~4
[3] Acts 17:10&11
[4] Jonah 2:9
[5] 2nd Tim 3:7&8
[6] Rev 2:23


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