Seven Footnotes

The time that’s been ordained, are three score years plus ten [1]
Sixty-nine have been fulfilled, the last will soon begin

One week of Seven years, will be a cleansing of the earth [2]
“The Time of Jacobs’s Troubles”, anguish pain and dearth

Word War Three is on the way, one hour it will last [3]
Millions millions will be killed, then into Hell they will be cast

If your journey into Hell, is postponed a little bit
You will take the Mark, before you’re cast into the PIT [4]

For one thousand years you’ll burn, then you’ll stand before the Throne [5]
From the Books you will be judged, you worshiped gods of stone [6]

Then you’ll be cast alive, into the Lake of Fire [7]
FOREVER there you’ll burn, with every other LIER !!!

[1] Dan 9:24
[2] The Book of Revelation
[3] Rev 18:17~19
[4] Rev 14:10
[5] Rev 20:11&12
[6] Ashtaroth (aka “Mary”)
[7] Rev 20:15


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