Rich Man

The sun does rise the sun does set, another day goes by
One day closer one more day, to the day that you will die

Long ago when you were young, death was far away
In a mirror now behold, your gray hair is here to stay

Your youth is gone your eyes are dim, you need a cane to walk
The people that you meet, you they only mock

Very soon, all to soon, you will breathe your last
Your life will be snuffed out…your memory has past

Where will you go then? To Heaven or to Hell?
You’ll go to Hell to burn! Forever there you’ll dwell

You lived in wanton greed, in debauchery and lust
With your soul you will now pay, your gold has turned to rust

Death is at the door, for you he will not knock
Your rotting caucus will lay cold…Grim Reaper will not baulk


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