Revelation 19:20 [1]

Enjoy life while you can, for the day is drawing neigh
The day of your demise, the day that you will die

You’ll not die in peace, with vengeance you’ll be killed
Then you’ll go to Hell, on a spit you will be grilled

You will die in agony, your worst nightmare is come true
Abandon ye all hope…when the Gates of Hell pass through

This is what awaits, a fate you cannot change
Forgiveness nevermore, salvation is estranged

The SIN you did commit, guarantees you’ll burn in Hell
You took the Mark you took the Mark…burn and wail and yell
[1] Look it up, you dumb asses

I know why I know why, no one comments on my poem
It’s so stark and deep, it cuts you to the bone

You don’t want to hear, you’ll die and burn in Hell
You will burn forever, in a fire you can’t quell

Do I piss you off? Make you shit your pants?
That is my intention…make your skin to crawl with ants

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