Lake of Fire

You pretend it isn’t so, you look the other way
You deny that Hell exists, Molech your soul will flay

Burning flame and fire, eternal death and bane
Agony and torment, never ending pain

This is what awaits, this is your reward
Death is at the door, by God you’ll be ignored

Your rotting caucus worms will eat, so much dung upon the ground
In Hell your soul will burn, in red-hot chains you will be bound

There’ll be demons there to scourge you, every day and every night
HATE they have for you, bitterness and spite

For one thousand years you’ll burn, before you stand before the Throne
The Great White Throne of God, you He will disown

Read this in the Bible, read the Book that is the last
Read about the Lake of Fire, into which you will be cast


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