A Guarantee

Men of old did prophecy, of impending doom
Almighty God did move them, they did not presume

Holy men of old, had visions from the Lord
But alas alas, by the world they are ignored

One such man was John, to the isle of Patmos he was sent
Read what he did write, read it and repent

The last book of the Bible, records what he did see
From the risen Lord, a Judgment and Decree

Fire and flame and wrath, to this world will shortly come
Torment bane and death, in agony you’ll succumb

Seven Seals Seven Trumpets Seven Vials of Wrath
When the first Seal breaks, forsake the primrose path

You’ll be killed and sent to Hell, your Damnation slumbers not
A Christian Moslem Pagan, your religion matters naught

All hail the Antichrist! Take his Mark or die
A guarantee you’ll burn in Hell…will weep and wail and cry


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