1st Corinthians 15:3&4 – WHAT SCRIPTURES??

Saint Paul did preach the Gospel, of the Grace of God
According to the Scriptures, and he published this abroad

To the church at Corinth, two letters he did write
Told them of Salvation, and how to fight the Fight

He wrote of Jesus Christ, crucified on Calvary
And His Resurrection, for all the world to see

He did this all from Scriptures, From the Torah he did site
From the Talmud also, Paul shined this Holy Light

From Geniuses to Malachi, he quoted chapter quoted verse
All about the Lamb of God, nothing was adverse

And Paul wrote about the Last Days, of men with minds corrupt
Reprobate from Truth, his Gospel they’d disrupt

They’d twist God’s Holy Word, the Scriptures were ignored
Paul did warn of this; do not blunt the Two Edged Sword

“According to the Scriptures”, to Corinth Paul wrote twice
This is the Word of God, not just mere advice

Why? Am I so down on the VOMIT that calls itself Christianity?
a) The Gospel is NOT John 3:16, it’s 1st Cor 15:1~4
b) Even if you know the above, can you site chapter and verse for “the scriptures”?
c) The Whore of Babylon, headquartered in Rome, is in a class all by itself.

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