The Path

There is a way today, that seemeth right to man [1]
The end thereof is death, it is NOT God’s holy plan

What calls itself Religion, is so much filthy trash
Inventions made by man, one day will turn to ash

Christianity’s corrupt, “another” Jesus do they preach [2]
All for filthy lucre…another gospel they do teach

Christ will come again, in flaming fire and wrath [3]
You’ll be sent to Hell, you took the primrose path

You took the way that’s broad, to the wide gate this did lead [4]
You believed a lie…TRUTH you did not heed

You took not the path that’s straight, to the narrow gate
Forever you will burn, in Hell you’ll meet your fate [5]

[1] Prov 14:12 & 16:25
[2] 2nd Cor 11:4
[3] 2nd Thess 1:8
[4] Matt 7:13
[5] Matt 25:41


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