The Ark

There is an ancient relic, there are claims that it is found
Vanished in the sands of time, an item of renowned

It disappeared some time ago, in Jerusalem it was
Gone but not forgotten, now it sets the world abuzz

A box of gold, in a room, on the Temple Mount
The Ark of God Almighty, to Him you’ll give account

But is it genuine? The “experts” all say yes
The reason for my doubt, I will now address

Bezaleel built the Ark, shittim wood he used
The pattern came from God, Moses was bemused

Pay very close attention, to the plan that came from God
Compare it to this “Ark”, God’s plan will not be flawed

There is a man to come, he sits upon this ark
Shows that he is god, to him you now must hark

For three years and a half, he will have his way
Take his Mark or die, many he will slay

But his end approaches fast, the Lake of Fire does wait
And for all that took his Mark, this will be your fate


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