Man of Sin

Greet the Man of Sin, he is blind in his right eye
Go and take his Mark, if you don’t you’re going to die

He’s the rider on the white horse, his bow does shine around
Worship him and take his Mark, the whole world he’ll astound

For three years and a half, he will have his way
Bow unto his image, or you he’s going to slay

A companion he does have, the High Priest now in Rome
His companion does now pray, beneath his golden dome

Sings and wonders he does show, most people will believe
God’s Elect will not…them he can’t deceive

To Jerusalem they’ll move, they’ll be on the Temple Mount
In the Temple they will be, but God’s wrath they’ll not surmount

Two Witnesses in sackcloth, will irk the Man of Sin
He will have them killed, his doom will then begin

Forty mounts plus two, God’s wrath will be poured out
Survive unto the end, this man you then will rout


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