Is Your Name in the Book of Life?

The day will surly come, the day that you will die
Pay attention to the now, before the bye and bye

Did you read God’s Holy Word, did you pay one ounce of heed?
Remember you’ll be judged, for every single deed

An account you’ll have to give, of how you lived your life
Were you a glutton and a whore? Did you cause contentious strife?

Did you pray did you pray?…Ask for guidance from on High?
God will check the books, to see if you did lie

Where will you be sent? To spend eternity
Two places do await…which one will it be?

Will you have a robe of White, and a Crown of Gold?
Then you’ll see the Lamb, Him you will behold

Or will you be cast alive, into the Lake of Fire?
In the Book of Life your name was not, and you were found a liar

Your religion will not save you…doesn’t matter one damn bit
It’s God who chooses you, and forgives the sins you did commit

It’s called the “Sovereignty of God”, John Calvin this did teach
If you’re not Elect, Salvation you’ll not reach


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