Woe Woe Woe

Prophecies there are, in the Holy Book
Some yet to be fulfilled, go and take a look

Can you see the USA? It’s there for all to see
Jeremiah wrote of this [1], this he did decree

The prophecies of Babylon, not the Babylon of old
The “Babylon” today [2], its doom has been foretold

Sodom and Gomorrah, Isaiah mentions too [3]
This nation’s going to burn, for the sins she did accrue

Burning red hot brimstone, by atomic fire made
Burns up all the grass, every single blade [4]

The hour is coming soon, the hour of Death and Woe
America will burn, this was written long ago

[1] Jeremiah chapters 50&51
[2] Google: “America Babylon”
[3] Isaiah chapter 13
[4] Rev 8:7

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