Tick-Tock Tick-Tock…Boom

As the days go by I wonder, how many are there left?
An air of Doom I feel, of this world I am bereft

It’s not if you’ll die, it is when and how
How you’ll leave this world, end the here and now

I watch the news and think, what a pack of lies
How long can this go on, before your own demise?

The possibility is good, it will be in World War Three
In atomic fire you’ll burn, an end to all your glee

We teeter on the brink, the brink of World War Three
TOTAL devastation! And from a death you cannot flee

If you’re not killed instantly, you will wish you were
To the radiation you’ll succumb, this you can’t defer

Three weeks you’ll have to live, and Death you can’t postpone
Radiation radiation, this will make you moan

The Wrath of God’s upon you, damnation from on High
With atomic fire you’ll burn, before the bye and bye

Anguish you will suffer, pain and agony
Then where will you go…to Purgatory?

You’ll go straight to HELL! You’ll receive your just reward
Sin and Greed and Lust, were your only lord

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