The Chosen Few?

The time is drawing near, and so quickly too
You will soon be judged…are you the Chosen Few?

The Chosen Few, very few, will escape the wrath of God
For the rest the Tribulation, Satin you will laud

Seven years of Hell on Earth, a cleansing from on High
You will meet your fate, and meet the bye and bye

Twelve times twelve times one hundred, and then again times ten
Saints are Sealed by God…they will cry Amen

Protected from Trumpets, protected from the Vials
Protected from Damnation, and protected from all trials

They will see the Second Coming, Kings and Priests they’ll be
God will wipe away all tears, an end to misery

But if you’re not the Chosen Few, that’s just too damn bad
You will burn in Hell, the Chosen Few will be so glad

So how do you get your name, into the Book of Life?
It is NOT your choice…does this stab you with a knife? [1]

[1] It’s called Calvinism


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