Sixteen Hooves

Sixteen horses hooves, their footfalls I do hear
Listen listen, they are draw ever near

The first horse that comes fourth, is the color white
Upon him a fierce rider, conquering with might.

Has a bow but not to shoot, a bow like in the clouds
Shines around him roundabout, his ipseity this shrouds

Whole world gawks at him, almost not to see
Rider on a horse that’s red, from him you cannot flee

He carries a Great Sword, many many he will kill
Grim Reaper idles not, ere he has his fill

Price of gas will drop, Black Horse takes care of that
What you save on gas you’ll spend on food. No way you will get fat

Seven years you’re going see, so study study hard
The Lake of Fire is at the end, there you will be charred

You’ll watch the Temple get rebuilt, ever think of this?
Like Hell you did…don’t disturb your stupid bliss

Hey lovey-dovey Christian, think this ain’t for you
I bet you’ll change your mind, before the Seven years are through


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