Rod of Iron

There was a time to laugh and mock, that time is done and gone
You went on your merry way, you sang your marry song

Soon, very soon, your marry song will die
Joy turned into grief, now I will tell you why (Matt 24:37)

There is a Book you should have read, to late to late to start
You had that Book it gathered dust, took it not to heart (Amos 8:11)

There is one book, in this Book, it is the very last
Seven years will come, this time approaches fast (Dan 9:24)

You were warned, did you head? Go and sob and pray (Gen 19:14)
Take the MARK, burn in Hell, FOREVER there you’ll stay (Rev 14:11)

You said the Sinner’s Prayer, so why are you still hear?
Unless my Father draws you, no one can come near (John 6:44)

I’ll be back, I’ll be back, on a valiant steed (Rev 19:11)
I have a Rod of Iron, to me you’re going to heed (19:15)


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