One Day…

The sun comes up the sun goes down, just another day
One DAY is going to come…Chaos and Dismay

The day that “he” is taken, taken from the way [1]
The LIGHT [2] is gone, now it’s dark, Satan will now play

Very soon thereafter, a “Rider” will appear
Riding on a white horse [3], behold him with great fear

Three more horses follow, one red [4] one black [5] one pale [6]
Death and pain and woe, first rider will prevail [7]

For a time and times and half a time [8], on the Temple Mount he’ll rule [9]
He is blind in his right eye [10], and very very cruel [11]

Here is wisdom [12] here is truth, this calculation [13] go and do
Count the number of his name, here in is the clue

Six hundred plus three score, add another six [14]
Take his MARK and burn in Hell [15]…across the River Styx

[1] 2nd Thess 2:7
[2] John 9:5
[3] Rev 6:2
[4] Rev 6:4
[5] Rev 6:5
[6] Rev 6:8
[7] Rev 13:3
[8] Dan 7:25
[9] Matt 24:15
[10] Zach 11:17
[11] Rev 12:12
[12] Rev 13:18
[13] Strong’s NT word 5586
[14] Rev 13:18
[15] Rev 14:10


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