Lake of Fire

Did you ever ponder when you’ll die, bid this world farewell?
Will you go to Heaven? Or will you burn in Hell?

Are you afraid of death? To know your destiny?
You’ll be sent to Hell…Will you beg on bended knee?

Too damn late you piece of shit, go watch Family Guy
You’ll be there with Larry Singer…weep and wail and cry!

So smoke another joint, snort a line of crack
Better yet better yet, main-line a jolt of smack

Abraham will see you, across the Gulf he’ll look [1]
Along side the Rich Man, forever there you’ll cook

Call for Lazarus, his sores are all now healed
He’ll say hi, I remember you…your damnation not repealed

Shortly you’ll be moving, you and every other liar
You’ll be cast alive…into the Lake of Fire! [2]

[1] Like 16:26
[2] Rev 20:15


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