Soon it will be too late

I will write a poem, I will write a rhyme
About the world we live in, about our day and time

The whole world has gone to Hell, a Cleansing soon will be
It’s called the Tribulation, shortly you will see

Do you think a Holy God, will let this world go on?
It’s Sodom and Gomorrah! Destruction is anon

It will start with World War 3, America DESTROYED!
EVERYTHING you lived for, will be null and void

Then will come a Rider, on a white horse he will ride
Hail the world ruler, from him you cannot hide

There will be another two, sackcloth is their garb
The Man of Sin they do not like, in his side they’ll be a barb

For a Time and Times and Half a Time, on the Temple Mount they’ll be
The Antichrist will have them killed, the whole world is going to see

For three days and a half, on the street they’re going to lie
But suddenly they live, and away they will then fly

Now for forty-two more months, the Wrath of God will be poured out
If you aren’t killed you’ll wish you were, this without a doubt


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