7 References – Read Them

The wheels are now in motion, they cannot be reversed
World War Three’s about to break, this whole world is accursed

Cursed by God Almighty, and the Lamb with Seven Eyes [1]
He will send you all to Hell, His Word you did despise

You have a form of godliness, but the Power you deny [2]
Your religion is a farce [3], and you believe a lie [4]

The Man of Sin will come [5], and you will take his Mark [6]
This guarantees you’ll burn in Hell [7], to The Word you did not hark

[1] Rev 5:6
[2] 2nd Tim 3:5
[3] 2nd Tim 4:3
[4] 2nd Thess 2:11
[5] 2nd Thess 2:3
[6] Rev 13:8
[7] Rev 14:9&10

Does ANYBODY bother to check the references?? Hell NO!


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