The Antichrist the Man of Sin “that Wicked” soon will come
The whole world wonders after him, to his witchcraft they succumb

For three years and a half, he will have his way
Worship him receive his Mark, or you he’s going to slay

In Jerusalem his thrown will be, in Temple number three
A Cohort he does have, worship them on bended knee

His Cohort came from Rome, he wears a “holy” ring
Does lying signs and wonders, “salvation” he does bring

Two men whose garb is sackcloth, witness day and night
The Man of Sin does HATE them, from the Scriptures they do site

“That Wicked” has them killed, all the people shout for joy
For three days and a half they lay, happy are the goy

But alas what ho is this! They arise upon their feet
To Heaven they’re caught up, their mission is complete

Rear the Book of Daniel, chapter number twelve
Verse ten plus one, into this you need to delve

“THE ABOMINATION” is set up, from that day start to count
The LORD will set His feet, upon the Temple Mount

To one thousand days add ninety, then add two hundred more
Every eye will see Him! He will fight the Armageddon War

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