Month: August 2015

The Line of Cain

10 Commandments of the Lord, Plagues of Egypt 10
10 letters of a word, that you’ll read on CNN

It is coming soon, soon you’re going to see
Death and Pain and Woe, Worldwide Misery

ARMAGEDDON is the word! Destruction Death and Bane
In Atomic Fire you’ll burn, and the entire line of Cain


It’s Going to Blow


When it finally blows, it’s going to blow real hard
A super Super Volcano! Your ass will be real charred

When’s it going to blow? No one knows four sure
“Soon” is all they’ll say, this they do assure

What is going to blow? To make you groan and moan
There’s a black-out of the news…Yellowstone!

Blood is Going to Flow


There is a Valley in the East, Megiddo is its name [1]
Where is going to be a Battle, Humorous Fire and Flame

BLOOD is going to flow, to the horse’s bridle rise [2]
From the Winepress of a God, the God that you despise

One thousand furlongs, add six hundred more [2]
Blood is going to flow…Death and Bane and Gore!

Blood is going to flow! From Pimps and Whores and Liars
And from Vomit Christians, for them Eternal Fires [3]

[1] Rev 16:16
[2] Rev 14:20

Look For Two Men Dressed in Sackcloth

Scroll and 7 seals

Armageddon’s coming, Armageddon’s drawing neigh
Seven tears to wait, then you’ll scream and wail and die

The Seven years will start, when the First Seal breaks
The time of Jacob’s Troubles, is when the whole world shakes

Before the breaking of  THE Seal, an “event” will come to pass
The USA destroyed! World War Three will leave morass

Any day now any hour, atomic bombs light up the sky
Vengeance from an angry God…weep and wail and die


Rider on white horse

Jacob was a man, he grabbed his brothers heel [1]
And his Birthright too, this started the ordeal

This ordeal continues on, with hatred so severe
It’s coming to a climax, “Jacob’s Troubles” do draw near [2]

Gathered round about him, every nation of the world
EXTERMINATION they all want, their Flag of WAR unfurled

Coming from the East, 200 million men draw near [3]
The Euphrates will dry up, there will be a quaking and great fear

To Armageddon they do march! Armageddon’s drawing neigh!
The Rider in the White Horse, is coming from the sky [4]

[1] Gen 25: 24&25
[2] Jer 30:7
[3] Rev 9:16
[4] Rev 19:11

The Second Seal

Red Horse

The rider on the horse that’s red, is the Second Seal [1]
Everything is now in place, WAR you soon will feel

First nation to get blown away, is the USA [2]
Grim Reaper just can’t wait, many many he will slay

Run into your bunkers, deep beneath the ground
Pray the rocks to fall on you, Lamb’s Vengeance will abound [3]

Not a pleasant way…a pleasant way to die
Lamb’s Wrath you’re going feel, so weep and wail and cry

After you are dead, guess where you’re going to go
To a place of red-hot fire, a place of pain and woe

There is a place, there is a place…prepared for you to dwell
Forever there you’ll burn, FOREVER burn in Hell

[1] Rev 6:3
[2] Google: “America Babylon”
[3] Rev 6:16

One Hour


Before the week is out, World War Three could come and go
It will only last one hour, an hour of Death and Woe

Revelation chapter eighteen, “one hour” thrice is said
In just one hour just one hour, fifty million could be dead

It wouldn’t be just in Kiev, “Babylon” will burn
The land of Greed and Lust, the Prophets they did spurn

Not the Babylon of old, the Babylon today
Did you ever think ever think…it is the USA

{Google: “America Babylon”…The Book of Jeremiah, chapters 50 & 51, the Book of Isaiah, chapter 13}