Rich Man

Day by day hour by hour, ebbs away your life
Peace you will not have, only anguish pain and strife

You cannot sleep you cannot eat, your bowels you can’t control
Your wanton greed and lust, now will take their toll

In Luxury you lived, now gone forevermore
The Wrath of God the Wrath of God, will now on you be poured

Now you finally know, now you realize
That what you thought was true, were lies and lies and lies

When you finally breath your last, don’t think your anguish will abate
You’ll be sent to Hell to burn…don’t pray it’s too damn late

August 21st, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.59.54 AM

August 21st, note this day and note it well
Across this nation darkness, darkness black as Hell

An Omen of foreboding, a Harbinger of Death
I sign from God Almighty, for ALL the sons of Heth

Doom is fast approaching, ignore this if you will
There’ll be a Rider on a White Horse, your soul he’s going to kill

Go ahead and mock, pretend this isn’t so
It’s called the Tribulation…to Hell you’re going to go

I Warned You

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 7.10.40 AM

There are those that mock, ridicule with scorn
Oblivious to Doom, them I did forewarn

They call me a buffoon, ignorant and dumb
As clear as day I see, the things that are to come

The course that I now hold, was held by one before
The Prophet Jeremiah, wrote of Death and Bane and WAR

Was he paid an ounce of heed? So it is today
Ignore me if you will, soon God your soul will slay

When? Soon!

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 12.38.35 PM

There’s a place out in Wyoming, that shortly will be not
Tranquility Serenity, soon will be forgot

A place of boiling rivers, of geysers and of steam
And a blackout on the news, suppression so extreme

The time is very soon, but the time is still unknown
When it happens you will know…Yellowstone

I Got Proffy’s Goat

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 12.27.59 PM

Mmmm, I want to have a goat roast, so I need a goat
I know where to get one…from my pal the stoat

To Woodward Blvd I’ll go, see old Proffy Poo
Say Hi-yea Proffy Proffy, I’ll make for you goat stew

And I’ll have a barbecue, I’ll roast your goat upon a spit
All your colleagues I’ll invite…they’ll read my words of wit

So ol’ Proffy Proffy, so ol’ Proffy Poo
I done got your goat! I’ll cook him with some roux





Soon you’ll meet your end, soon you’ll meat your Fate
Maybe you will pray (ha!), never mind it’s too damn late [1]

Then the JUDGEMENT comes, where your soul will go [2]
To Heaven or to Hell…for you a day of  WOE

All your money all your wealth, Salvation cannot buy
Everything EVERYTHING! Gone the day you die [3]

You thought the Bible was all myth…you’re a brilliant PhD [4]
Scream and howl and cry, ignored will be your plea

Will you teach a class in Hell? Do research write a book?
Over burning red hot coals, you’ll be dangling by a hook

[1] Luke 16: 24&25
[2] Hebrews 9:27
[3] Job 27:19
[4] Psalm 14:1

N125PL ~ Home Airport KRVS

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.42.12 PM

Attention all Instructors, sit right seat in my jet
I need you for insurance, cuz sometimes I forget

I forget to put the gear down, forget how high to climb
Forget to read the checklist…all I do is all the time

Never mind that I’m an Asshole, a Dorkwad and a Jerk
You get to ride in my new toy, and do my dirty work

On the radio you’ll talk, that’s one thing I can’t do
I’m getting old and getting dumb…what to say I have no clue

You can put down in your logbook, that a JET you flew Oh Wow!
The airlines you’ll impress…they’ll say Holy Cow!!